Our Goal

Welcome to Nags Head Produce: The Home of Locally Grown, Seasonably Fresh Produce on the Outer Banks!

When you buy produce in the supermarket, do you wonder when it was picked? Or where it was picked? Or what did it look like when it was picked? Or how it was handled on its journey to the supermarket shelf?


At Nags Head Produce, we want our produce picked to eat, not picked to travel or sit in a warehouse. We ask a bunch of questions about the produce we offer on our Stand. We also make sure that our produce gets the best attention while on our Stand and until it reaches you. When you sit down to eat, we want you to be confident that the food you share with your family is the real deal.

With the help of the good State of North Carolina through the Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) Trust program, we’re bringing “Locally Grown and Seasonably Fresh” food to the people, visitors, and restaurants of the Outer Banks.